Color Codes

Color codes are applied to table headings and text to provide clear and immediate insights. Table headings can be color-coded to aid readers in prioritizing information. Different compliant levels are emphasized through text color codes, where "Not Compliant" may appear in red, "Managed" in orange, and "Not Applicable" in blue. These color cues enable efficient data interpretation and decision-making in security-related contexts.

Configuring Color Codes

Step 1: Open the ISO 27001 template.

Step 2: Go to the "COLOR CODES" section of the setup code.

Step 3: Insert the new desired hexadecimal color code into the highlighted area of the value to change and save the document.

Do not include the hash symbol.

The legacy highlighted colors used for visual context will not match the new color code entered in Step 3 unless updated manually in the Word document.

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