Strict Narratives

The Strict Narratives option allows users to choose between utilizing predetermined narratives within the report or selecting any custom narrative they prefer.

Configuring Strict Narratives

Step 1: Open the OWASP template.

Step 2: Go to the "OPTION TOGGLES" section of the setup code.

Step 3: Go to the bb.strict_narratives line. The value listed determines the presentation of narratives within the report. The default value is "true." Modify the value as desired.

Business Rules

If bb.strict_narratives is set to true, the report will expect the narratives to be present and populated. The structure of the expected narratives is based on the recommendations made by the OWASP Organization.

  • Disclaimer

  • The Team

  • Methodology

  • Timeline

  • Scope

  • Limitations

  • Summary of Findings

These narratives will be displayed in the order above.

If bb.strict_narratives is set to false, the report will display any narrative in the report in the order entered.

The only narrative it won't show in order is a narrative with "Appendix" in the title. In that scenario, the narrative will appear at the bottom of the report.

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