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NarrativesDB serves as a repository to house all of the narrative sections within PlexTrac. Its primary purpose is to facilitate categorization, association with defined use cases, and enable reusability.
Users access by clicking Content Library in the application's main menu and then clicking NarrativesDB.


Reports use narratives to provide context, clarify complex information, and improve comprehension. These narratives also serve as persuasive tools, influencing opinions and motivating action through storytelling. By placing data and facts into real-life contexts, narratives help audiences understand the relevance of information, making them a versatile and impactful tool. As a result, narratives are a valuable asset in reports and promote effective communication.
NarrativesDB enables users to create and manage this messaging, freeing up time for problem-solving.
For example, instead of initiating each report from scratch and composing a unique narrative every time, organizations have the flexibility to create simple sections that serve as a starting point. These sections can be reused or further enhanced to align with the specific needs of each report, providing a time-saving and efficient solution for report generation.
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