Trends & SLAs
This page explains the analytics features for SLAs.


The Trends & SLAs tab displays how a security program is meeting goals from an SLA perspective and allows the user to see trending data about findings in their security program. It allows configuration of SLAs based on certain criteria and see visual data to determine if that criteria is being met.
Trends & SLAs has several containers of information the can be expanded or collapsed to help identify and manage Service-Level-Agreements.

Query Bar

A bar at the top of the page tracks selected query parameters so that this information is always viewable and context is provided for a data set.
As the query parameters change, the query bar is updated dynamically.


This tab has several facets that can be expanded or collapsed and used to further filter the data set:
  • Client(s) (shown in query bar)
  • Client tags (shown in query bar)
  • Date range (shown in query bar)
  • Finding Severity (show in query bar)
    • Critical
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
    • Informational
  • Finding Tags (shown in query bar)
  • Report
  • Report Tags (shown in query bar)

SLA Graphs

Mean Time to Close by Severity

This is a bar chart showing the mean time to close findings by severity on a monthly basis over the specified time range for findings matching the filter criteria.
This graph shows MTTR averages on findings that have been closed. Findings that have not been closed do not appear.

Trend of Issues Opened vs Closed

This is a bar graph showing the Monthly Trend Chart of Open vs. Closed Findings over the date period specified in the filter for findings that match the given filter criteria.
A trending blue line shows the total number of open findings. A green bar identifies the number of closed findings, while a red bar identifies the number of opened findings.

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

This graph shows the current status of findings that are within SLA, nearing SLA, or exceeding SLA, as well as the mean time to close for findings the SLA covers on a monthly basis, for findings that match the given filter criteria.
Clicking on one of the boxes found under "CURRENT SNAPSHOT" will bring up all the findings that fall under that section of the SLA, which allows for further editing of a finding.