API Change Policy

This policy establishes a transparent and standardized process for removing API endpoints from the PlexTrac API while minimizing user disruption. By providing timely notification and support, we aim to facilitate a smooth transition for those who rely on these endpoints in their integrations with our platform.

PlexTrac values its customers and recognizes the importance of informing and assisting them with API endpoint removals. Their policy aims to minimize any negative impact and ensure a smooth transition.


Before removing any API endpoint, provide at least 90 days' notice on the API Change Log page. The notification will include the following:

  • The release in which the API endpoint will be removed

  • The endpoint being removed

  • Replacement endpoint(s), when applicable

Removal Process

Per the notification, the API endpoint will be eliminated from the codebase on the scheduled deployment date. PlexTrac will closely observe the effects of this action on their customers and will be ready to provide support in case any problems arise.

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