Managing Assets

Existing assets in PlexTrac are managed from the Clients module. Assets may be found either from the Assets tab of a client, the Assets tab of a report, or via the Findings>Affected Assets tab when creating or modifying a finding.

Modifying an Asset for a Client

Step 1: From the Clients module home page, click the row or View under the "Actions" column of the client that contains the asset.
Step 2: Click the Assets tab.
Step 3: Click Edit under the "Actions" column of the asset to modify.
Step 4: Update desired fields on the "Edit Asset" page. Update the desired fields, then click Asset Detail.
Step 5: A list of assets metadata and the Associated findings tab are presented. Click Edit of the associate finding to update that asset, or click Notes/Description.
The Associated findings tab table view can be customized by clicking the icon to the right of the search bar.
Step 6: Add any notes to help provide context by clicking Add Note.
Step 7: Click the Child assets tab to view any child assets that may exist.

Bulk Actions

When editing multiple assets, PlexTrac offers bulk action capabilities. Bulk actions provide several advantages, including time-saving and increased efficiency by processing numerous items simultaneously.
Bulk action options appear after selecting one or more assets by clicking the checkbox or the box next to the column header.
Click Actions to see the list of options available.
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