General Settings

The General Settings button under "Tenant Settings" in the Admin Dashboard allows management of answer types, the default behavior of findings status for published reports, managing finding sub-status and enabling rapid templating.

Click Save at the bottom of the page after each configuration change in General Settings.

Answer Types

All users can select a custom data set when creating a question under an Assessment Questionnaire, but only Admins can define the custom data set. Once an assessment is submitted, all questions are transformed into findings, including custom fields. PlexTrac then assigns a status to each finding, using business rules corresponding to the answer type and values of the question.

PlexTrac-provided answer sets cannot be edited or deleted. The 14 default out-of-the-box answer sets are displayed in the following screenshot:

Creating Answer Types

Step 1: Click the collapsed container under Answer Types.

Step 2: Click Create.

Step 3: Enter an answer type label, then click Add Answer.

To hide the answer type from users temporarily without deleting, toggle the "Visible" field to "Hidden."

Step 4: Enter an answer value and click Add Answer again (every answer type value must have at least two answers). When finished, click Save.

By default, the answer type appears at the bottom of the table.

If configured to be visible, the answer set can now be selected from the available Answer Types when building a question inside a Questionnaire.

Managing Existing Answer Types

To edit an answer type created by an admin, find the answer type from the list and click the green circle icon:

To delete an answer type created by an admin, find the answer type from the list and click the red trash can icon:

Findings Default Published

This configuration determines if findings are set to "Draft" or "Published" when added to a report that has already been published.

Toggle the button to the desired status.

If the findings default status is set to "Draft," all new findings are created in draft status and not viewable to analysts until published (individually or in bulk). If set to "Published," analysts will have access to all findings in published reports for clients they are authorized to view.

Regardless of the Default Finding Status, a report with "Draft" status is invisible to authorized analysts.

Manage Finding Sub-Statuses

This allows an admin to add additional tags available for an additional level of detail to associate with a finding in the "Sub Status" field, which exists under the Findings Details tab of a finding.

The value(s) provided to a user in the pulldown menu are dictated by the value selected for the status of the finding, as the values have a child relationship to the parent value.

To add a sub-status value, place the cursor in the desired parent status field and enter the value. To delete a value, click the "x" of the value to remove it.

Rapid Templating

This feature determines the options available to a user when exporting a report. Toggle the button under "Rapid Templating" to the desired status.

When Rapid Templating is off, and a report is exported, the report will immediately download to the local environment in the format associated with the report.

When Rapid Templating is on, after the desired export format is selected from the pulldown menu, an additional modal will appear, allowing a specific template to be used.

Select the desired export template and click Export.

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