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Google OAuth (Open Authorization) is a secure authorization protocol that allows users to grant third-party applications access to their Google accounts without sharing their usernames and passwords. It is a standard authentication mechanism used by Google to provide secure, delegated access to resources on its platform, including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and other services.

OAuth provides a token-based authentication system where users can grant access to their account data without disclosing their credentials to that service. The user first logs in to their Google account and then permits the third-party application to access specific resources using an access token. The application then uses this token to access the authorized resources on the user's behalf without needing the user to provide their login credentials again.

Configuring Google OAuth

Step 1: Log into the APIs & Services page on the Google Cloud platform:

Step 2: Click the project pulldown menu.

Step 3: Click NEW PROJECT.

Step 4: Enter a project name and click Create.

Step 5: Click the OAuth consent screen in the left nav bar.

Step 6: Validate that the user type is "internal" and click EDIT APP.

Step 7: Enter a value for the App name, select a value for the User Support email from the pulldown menu, and enter an email address for the Developer contact information. Click SAVE AND CONTINUE.


Step 9: Add the following scopes: email, profile, and openid. Click Update.

Step 10: Click Credentials from the left main menu.

Step 11: Click CREATE CREDENTIALS and then select OAuth client ID.

Step 12: Select Web application as the Application Type.

Step 13: Click ADD URI under the "Authorized JavaScript origins" header and enter the PlexTrac UI URL (i.e.,

Step 14: Click ADD URI from "Authorized redirect URIs," insert the PlexTrac URL, and add "/api/v2/authenticate/google" at the end of the url used in Step 10. Click CREATE.

Step 15: Copy the values provided for Your Client ID and Your Client Secret. Click Ok.

Step 16: Log in to PlexTrac as an admin.

Step 17: Navigate to the Account Admin page. Click Security under "Security & User Management."

Step 18: Click Authentication Methods under "Authentication."

Step 19: From the OAuth Providers tab, select "Google" from the dropdown menu under "Authentication Providers.

Step 20: For the Provider URL, enter Enter the Client ID value into the "Identifier" field and the Client Secret value obtained earlier from previous steps into the "Secret" field. Toggle on the Enabled button. Click Save.

Step 21: Return to "Security & User Management" and click Users.

Step 22: Under the column header "Authentication Provider," select the desired user and change the value to "Google."

Each user has to be configured individually.

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