Creating a Test Plan

Step 1: From the Test Plans tab of the Runbooks module, click New Test Plan.

Step 2: Select whether to start a new plan or modify an existing test plan.

If starting from scratch, click Next.

If starting from an existing test plan, select that option, then click Select next to the plan to use as a template. Click Next.

Step 3: From the Test Plan Details tab, insert the test plan title (required) and enter a description and tags. Click Continue.

Step 4: From the Select Procedures tab, add the relevant procedures to the test plan. Use the filtering options to find desired procedures.

Add new procedures by clicking Select next to the procedure to include or delete existing ones from the engagement by clicking the x within the procedure box in the right-hand column. Click Add X Procedures.

Step 5: Review the engagement coverage. The plan can still be modified from this page by clicking Add Procedures or clicking the X to remove an existing procedure. The order of procedures can also be changed by selecting a box and dragging it to the desired location.

When ready, click Create Test Plan.

The engagement is now ready to be started. Click Start new engagement, or click Close and return to the Test Plans tab.

The test plan is now listed for future access on the Test Plans tab.

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