RunbooksDB enables collaborative testing for threat emulation and simulation, known as Purple Teaming. Organizations can create reusable test plans that encompass a set of procedures.

Users access by clicking Content Library in the application's main menu and then clicking RunbooksDB.


Runbooks comprise a particular methodology, a series of tactics, techniques, and procedures collectively known as TTPs. Runbooks are executed and turned into an engagement tied to a specific client. Once the engagement is finished and submitted, it becomes a report.

RunbooksDB offers several benefits:

  • Standardization: Runbooks provide standardized procedures and workflows for various tasks and processes. This consistency helps ensure that critical steps are not missed during an operation.

  • Efficiency: By having predefined procedures and automation scripts within runbooks, teams can respond to incidents and complete tasks more efficiently. This reduces the time and effort required for routine operations.

  • Consistency: Runbooks help maintain consistency in the way tasks are performed. This is crucial in cybersecurity and incident response, as consistent procedures are necessary to identify and mitigate threats effectively.

  • Training and Onboarding: Runbooks are valuable training materials for new team members. They can use runbooks to learn how to perform various tasks and understand best practices, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

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