Importing a Test Plan

Runbooks can be imported into PlexTrac, but only YAML files exported from the Runbooks module or an MITRE Adversary Emulation Plan are supported.

Supported file types:

  • .yml

  • .yaml

  • text/yaml

  • application/yaml

  • application/x-yaml

Step 1: From the Test Plans tab of the Runbooks module, click Import test plan.

Step 2: Select the import type from the pulldown menu.

Step 3: Drag the YAML file to the provided box in the modal or navigate to it locally. Click Upload.

Multiple files can be imported simultaneously if each has a unique name. Click Add Files in the modal to add another file.

If a file initially a YAML export from PlexTrac does not load and the error "Please select a correct file type" is displayed, try selecting the "Runbooks (V2)" option. Most users are on Version 2 of Runbooks.

Imported test plans are displayed with the others in the Test Plans tab.

Procedures from imported test plans are stored in a dynamically generated open repository called "Import" in RunbooksDB.

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