Taking an Assessment

Assessments can be started immediately after creation or worked on later by opening one to complete from the In Progress/Completed tab. If no action is taken after an assessment is created or the assessment is not finished, the assessment will have an "In Progress" status.

To open and complete an "In Progress" assessment, go to the In Progress/Completed tab, select the desired assessment, and click Edit.

Monitoring Progress

The assessment module provides progress tracking for questionnaires. A visual bar indicates the questionnaire's completion status, gradually filling up as more questions are answered until it reaches 100%.

Users can provide answers, observations, notes, and attachments as questions are completed, such as policy documents, screenshots, code samples, and videos. Attachments are facilitated through a modal where files can be dragged, dropped, pasted, or browsed from the computer.

Questions can be marked as complete, and users can continue to another question by clicking the question in the left column, entering the question number in the provided box, clicking the navigation arrow to reach the previous or next question in sequence, or using search/filtering to find a specific question.

The progress bar will update as data is entered, questions are completed, and the user moves to the next question. Completed questions will have a checkmark in the circle next to the question.

Questions that are optional for the assessment will have a circle with a dotted outline next to the question's title, while questions that are required will have a circle with a solid outline. Questions touched but not marked as completed are identified with a shaded purple within the circle. Questions that have not been touched retain a white background until modified.

When an assessment has all questions completed, all questions will have a checkmark, and the questionnaire progress bar will be full and display a green checkmark.

Answering a Question

Questions are answered by selecting the question title in the Questions column, which inserts the question in the main window. The edited question is highlighted with a shaded background in the left column.

A question defaults to the status of "Not Started." When a question receives input in any available field, it updates to "In Progress."

After a question has been answered, click the circle next to "Mark question complete," which will update its status to "Completed" and impact the questionnaire progress bar.

Adding Attachments

Users can gather evidence directly and securely on the platform, eliminating the need to email sensitive documents while completing assessments.

Step 1: Click Add attachment(s).

Step 2: Drag a file onto the modal or browse it from a local computer.

Step 3: Add any additional notes as needed. Repeat the process if more than one file is loaded. Click Save.

The attachment is listed on the question after the "Notes" box. Hover over the attachment filename for icons to download or delete the file.

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