Take Assessment
Follow these steps to take an assessment in PlexTrac.
PlexTrac makes it easy to take assessment questionnaires. More importantly, PlexTrac makes it easy to track findings from questionnaires and take appropriate actions to remediate them.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Assessments" view and click "Manage Questionnaires"

Step 2: Click the "Begin Assessment" icon associated with the assessment you wish to take:

Step 3: Select the Client for which to take the assessment

Step 4: (Optional) Save and Return to Edit Later

To save your progress on an assessment without submitting, select the "Save" button
To return to a Saved Assessment, navigate to the Assessments module and select "In Progress Assessments"
Select the Client that is associated with your in-progress assessment from the drop-down list:
Choose the "Edit" icon associated with the in-progress assessment you wish to edit:

Step 5: Submit the Completed Assessment

To submit your completed assessment, open the assessment (if saved) and click on the "Submit" button. This action cannot be undone; a report will be generated with your responses.
Last modified 9mo ago
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