The Layouts button under "Customizations" in the Admin Dashboard allows configuration of findings templates. A layout is a collection of ordered fields intended to be a template for data collection.
The value in creating a layout template is saving time and ensuring consistency when creating a finding by providing users all required fields and values.
Existing layout templates are selected for a new report by selecting the desired template in the pulldown menu under "Findings Layout".
Layout templates can be added to an existing report by going to the Details tab of the report and selecting the template from the pulldown menu under "Findings Layout" and clicking Save.
Only one layout template can be used per report.
Once the layout template has been assigned to a report, any findings tied to the report will have these fields provided under the Custom Fields tab of the finding.

Creating a Findings Layout

Step 1: Click New Findings Layout.
Step 2: Enter a layout name and click Add Field.
Step 3: Enter the field information in the boxes provided.
  • Key: The value PlexTrac uses to reference this field.
  • Label: The value PlexTrac displays as the field title, which can be referenced later for use in custom template exports.
  • Value: An RTF to capture the field value and provide any additional content to help the user with context and data acquisition.
Click Add Field to repeat Step 3 as needed. Click Remove if a field was added incorrectly.
To change the order of the fields and move a field up or down, click the arrow icon in the header.
Step 4: Click Save when finished.
A message will appear confirming the template was created. The new template will appear in the list for future editing and is now available to be assigned to a report.
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