Using Short Codes in Reports

Using short codes can significantly improve the efficiency of data representation and can be created to represent specific data fields at the client and report levels.

With pre-defined codes, users can quickly insert data without manually entering lengthy information. This saves time and effort during the report creation process.

Moreover, standardized placeholders help maintain consistency in data presentation across different reports, ensuring a uniform format and structure that creates a professional and organized image.

Shortcodes offer flexibility and adaptability, allowing users to customize formats and update information without altering the underlying data. This ensures reports are presented according to individual preferences and industry standards, reducing the risk of errors and increasing accuracy.

Short Codes are managed by admins in Admin Dashboard>"Tenant Settings">Short Codes.

Adding Custom Short Codes

Step 1: From the Reports module home page, click Readout under the "Actions" column of the report to edit.

Step 2: Click the Details tab.

Step 2: Click the Add Custom Field button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Add a label value in the first box on the left to correspond with the short code, and insert the text value that will replace the short code in the second box on the right.

This value will replace the short code used in the report's narratives or a finding's text fields.

Repeat the process to add another short code.

Step 4: Click Save when finished.

The Custom Field label links the short code to the value (text data) that is to replace it. For example:

  • Label: Contact Email

  • Value (text data):

  • Short Code: %%Contact_Email%%

Short Codes in PlexTrac always begin and end with %% and have underscores rather than spaces.

Step 5: Use the short code in any report narrative. Changes will be autosaved.

Step 6: To activate the short codes, click Search & Replace, which is found at the top right of the page within the Reports module.

Step 7: The Search & Replace modal appears. Click Replace Short Codes to replace all short codes in the report with their corresponding text data.

Step 8: Click Confirm.

A confirmation message will appear.

Step 9: Validate that the change occurred as desired, assuming the short code exists in the tenant settings.

If the fields did not process as expected, kindly request the administrator to confirm their setup in the Admin Dashboard and ensure that the appropriate short code was utilized. Then, proceed to repeat steps 6-8.

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