Creating a Technique

Cyber attackers or threat actors use specific methods, tactics, and procedures known as techniques to compromise computer systems, gain unauthorized access, or achieve their malicious objectives. These techniques exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in computer systems and networks by adversaries.

Step 1: Click the Techniques tab of the RunbooksDB module.

Step 2: Click New Technique.

Step 3: Fill out the provided fields.

  1. Technique Title (required)

  2. Technique ID (required)

  3. Procedures: Click Add Procedures to bring up a new modal to add procedures to the technique.

  4. Tactic: Click Add Tactics to bring up a new modal to add tactics to the technique.

  5. Technique Description: A rich-text field to enter any content, images, or tables to describe the technique.

  6. Tags: Enter any tags to help future search and filtering tasks.

Step 4: Click Save.

The technique is now available from the Techniques tab and can be viewed, edited, or deleted from this location.

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