The Users button under "Security & User Management" in the Admin Dashboard allows an admin to view, edit, add, or delete users.


PlexTrac's user management page provides a range of features to streamline user administration. Administrators can add users, assign roles, select authentication providers and classification tiers, reset passwords, enable or disable accounts, and permanently delete users. Additionally, there is functionality to authorize users by client.

The functionality for managing users is contextual, depending on their status. For example, if no users are locked, no option is provided to unlock them.

Types of Users

Users are either enabled, disabled, or locked. This status can be filtered through the pulldown menu at the top of the table or sorted by clicking the flag next to the name field in the table header column.

Locked Users

PlexTrac will lock a user out after multiple failed attempts to protect against brute force attacks. Locked users are identified with a lock icon next to their name, a highlighted row background, and the words "User locked" listed under their email address.

Disabled Users

Disabled users are identified with an icon next to their name, a row with a grey background, and the words "User disabled" under their email address.

Licensed Users

Each user added to a licensed role is considered a paid user. When a role is licensed, an icon will appear at the end of the role title (regardless of the number of licenses available).

Roles that use a license are also identified on the RBAC page.

Visit the RBAC page for information on the various messaging related to licensed users and their relationship to permissions.

Click the "All Roles" pulldown menu to filter users by role. Standard roles are at the top of the list.

If a user is added to a role that requires a license but no more seats exist, an error message appears.

Disabled paid users count towards the total user license. To remove a user from the count, a user must be disabled and removed from any assigned paid roles.

Configuring Table View

The table view can be customized by clicking the column view icon to the right of the search bar.

Once clicked, a modal appears that lists all fields. To remove a column, click X within the bar.

Fields that are required do not have an X available.

When fields are removed, an "Add Column" pulldown menu is added at the bottom left of the modal to store the field. Any removed fields can be added later by clicking Add Column and selecting the field to add.

This modal represents the sequence of fields provided in the table, meaning the bar on top will be the column on the table's far left. The order of columns can be adjusted within this modal by clicking the six dots on the left of the bar for a field and dragging the bar to the desired sequence place.

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