Content Library

The Content Library is a menu item that provides access to repositories for narratives, writeups and runbooks. These repositories allow users to create, manage, and reuse content across the platform when generating reports or findings.

Users access it by clicking Content Library in the application's main menu.


The Content Library repositories offer numerous advantages:

  • Reusability: Users can create and access reusable items such as writeups and narrative sections. Instead of recreating content from scratch, users can leverage existing content, saving time and effort.

  • Standardization and Consistency: The Content Library promotes standardization and consistency by organizing reusable content within repositories. Users can load and access predefined repositories and templates.

  • Efficiency: Users can quickly locate and retrieve relevant content, streamlining the report creation process and improving overall efficiency.

  • Collaboration: The Content Library is designed to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing. It allows users to designate repositories for multiple individuals to access and contribute.

  • Scalability: As the Content Library grows with the accumulation of reusable items, it becomes a valuable resource that scales with the organization's needs. New users can leverage existing content, maintaining consistency even as the user base expands.

  • Customization: Users can create repositories, set permissions for viewing and editing, organize content within repositories, establish templates, customize layout, add tags or metadata, and integrate with external tools.

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