Next Steps
Explore more of the capabilities PlexTrac offers red teams.
This quick start guide covered the essential capabilities of PlexTrac that red teams need to get started. PlexTrac offers additional capabilities red teams may find helpful to achieve success.

Import Findings from Scanners

PlexTrac allows custom findings to be created and added to reports. PlexTrac also provides WriteupsDB, which is a central repository of findings that may be added to any report with the click of a button. Additionally, PlexTrac allows red teams to import findings from common vulnerability scanners, including: Nessus, Nexpose, Qualys, Burp, and many more.
Learn how to import findings from scanners: here.

Collaborate with Clients

It is PlexTrac's goal to catalyze red teams and blue teams to collaborate within a single platform to increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of security programs. PlexTrac is the ideal solution for red teams that wish to provide a robust and dynamic portal for their clients. Further, PlexTrac offers an array of capabilities that address the needs of blue teams.
Learn how PlexTrac facilitates blue team workflows: here.

Customize Word Templates

Although reports may be created, delivered, and reviewed all within PlexTrac, there are times when reports need to be exported to Word or PDF for external delivery to stakeholders. PlexTrac makes it easy to customize Word exports via templates that use modern Jinja2 syntax.
Learn how to customize Word templates: here.
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