Procedures for configuring Okta Authentication integration with PlexTrac

NOTE: At this time we do NOT support IDP initiated integration. This is on our roadmap but hasn't been implemented yet. Please use SP Initiated Authentication in the meantime.

  1. Sign up for an Okta account at https://www.okta.com/free-trial/#

  2. In the dashboard, click on Applications

3. Click Add Application

4. Click Create New App, and fill out the form. For Platform choose Web, and for sign on method choose OpenID Connect

5. Fill in the application name, and add {{ your_domain }}/api/v2/authenticate/okta to the Login redirect URIs. Click Save.

6. On the next page, copy the client ID and secret. Save for later use.

7. Click Sign On, and then copy the Issuer field and save for later. This is the Provider URL you will enter into PlexTrac.

8. Login to Plextrac as a global admin or tenant admin

9. Navigate to the "Account Admin" section by clicking on your profile in the top right

10. Select Authentication on the left, and Okta from the dropdown

11. Enter all Fields. For Auth Server Id, if unsure, enter ‘default’. Click save.

12. Using the dropdown in the "Authentication Method" column, select Okta as the authentication method.