Draft/Published Flag

With the introduction of the “Draft/Published” flag, we now provide you the ability to control which findings and reports are visible to users assigned the Analysts role.

This feature is optional. Unless you enable this feature, Analysts will continue to have access to all findings in all reports for any clients they have been authorized to view.

If the Default Finding Status is set to Draft:

  • All new findings will be created in a “Draft” status and will not be viewable to Analysts

  • Once a finding is “Published” (individually or in bulk), it becomes viewable by Analysts

Regardless of the Default Finding Status, any report can be placed into Draft status, making the entire report invisible to authorized Analysts.

When a Report is set to "Draft":

  • Analyst users will not see the report at all in their view when they login

If an individual Finding within a "Published" Report is set to "Draft"

  • Analyst will be able to see the report in their view but will only see the individual findings within it that are set to "Published"

To enable the “Draft” setting as the default status for findings, follow these steps:

Step 1.Navigate to “Account Admin”

Step 2. Navigate to “General Settings” on the left

Step 3. Set the default status to “Draft” and click save to enable

Editing the "Draft/Published" status of an individual finding

Step 1. Click on the green "Edit Finding" icon for the finding you would like to update

Step 2. Update the status to "Published" and save the finding

Findings can also be updated in via the bulk tools, simply select the findings from the report you would like to update and use the bulk actions to "Set Published Status"

Editing the "Draft/Published" status of a report

Step 1. Navigate to the report you would like to update and click "Edit Report Details"

Step 2. Update the Status of the report to "Published" and save