Parser Actions
This page covers how to configure parser actions for scanner results.
PlexTrac will learn about scanner findings as files are imported, and this learning can be done either proactively by an admin through the Parser Actions module or as a user imports a scanner result file for a report. Configuration of parser actions, however, requires admin permissions.
Parser Actions includes three main configuration options:
  1. 1.
    Default: This will pass a scanner result through as a Finding into a report but allow an override in the severity value.
  2. 2.
    Link: This will replace a scanner result finding with a custom writeup from WriteUpsDB when imported.
  3. 3.
    Ignore: This will ignore a scanner result when it is parsed by PlexTrac.

Configuring a Parser

Step 1: Click the Parser Actions button in the Tools & Integrations section of the Admin Dashboard:
Step 2: Check the Enable Parser Plugin Actions box.
Step 3: Click Import.
Step 4: Drag the file to import into the drop area on the modal or click Browse to navigate to the file on the computer.
Step 5: Click Upload.
Upload progress will be tracked on the lower right-hand of the modal.
PlexTrac will confirm file was imported with a notification.
Step 6: All of the plugins are loaded and available for customization. Search or select the desired plug-in and configure as desired by using the pulldown menu to choose the desired course of action.
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