Jinja Unusual Problems
This section talks a bit about unusual problems with Jinja Exports and PlexTrac.

Layered Images

On export, layered images have caused many issues on export in the past. Our first process when receiving a build-out request for a Jinja Template, is go through each page, and flatten layered images to look the same or as close to the original look as possible, but in ONE picture in Word.
It is generally NOT recommended to have layered images in your report template.

Headers and Footers

In your Jinja Word Document, headers and footers are built first when the code is spliced with the data in PlexTrac. There can be issues when Word SHAPES are added to any part of the document, but ESPECIALLY to the header and footer. If layered images are in Header or Footer, it can cause crashes in the Word document as well.
Last modified 7mo ago