Creating an Engagement

Users with permission to approve an engagement will have a "New engagement" button available in the Schedule module.

Step 1: Click New engagement from the Calendar tab of the Schedule module.

Step 2: Enter information about the engagement. Required fields are identified with a red asterisk. Click Continue.

Step 3: Add any relevant files for context. Click Continue.

Step 4: Enter report details. Click Continue.

Step 5: Select the dates to begin and end work on the engagement by inserting the cursor into the "Engagement dates" box and clicking the desired dates.

Step 6: Assign resources to work on the engagement by clicking the checkbox next to the desired resource under the "Operators" column. After selecting an operator, the engagement will appear next to that resource. Any existing resources that the operator is working on will also be displayed. Click Save.

The engagement now appears on the Calendar and List tabs for viewing and modification.

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