Creating a Methodology

This page explains how to create a methodology.
Step 1: From the Manage page of the Runbooks module, click the Methodologies tab.
Step 2: Click Create.
Step 3: Enter a title, ID, and description for the methodology in the appropriate fields.
Step 4: Select one or more tactics from the list provided by clicking the tactic ID (edit this list by visiting the Tactics tab). A green checkbox will appear confirming the tactic was added. Click Select All to include all available tactics. Use the search box to find a specific tactic.
Step 5: Scroll back to the top of the page and click Save and Close.
A confirmation message will briefly appear if successful.
The browser page may need to be refreshed to see new methodology in list.
Existing methodologies can be edited by clicking Edit for the desired methodology under the "Actions" column.
Click Next to learn how to create a tactic.
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