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About PlexTrac

PlexTrac is a reporting and workflow management platform that improves and centralizes a cybersecurity team’s processes across the lifecycle. Whether staging offensive engagements and conducting assessments, analyzing data and reporting, prioritizing the most critical issues to resolve, collaborating between teams, or communicating with stakeholders, PlexTrac streamlines and automates so teams are more efficient.

Getting Started

This site contains documentation on using PlexTrac and is updated as new functionality is released.
The sections of this site (Dashboard, Clients, etc.) in the navigation menu are aligned to match the order in which modules are stacked in the menu bar of the PlexTrac solution. When logging in to PlexTrac, users are greeted by the Dashboard page. In addition to the Dashboard, six modules exist: Clients, Assessments, Reports, Content Library, Analytics, and Runbooks. The menu for the documentation on this site is aligned to match that sequence.
Beyond the PlexTrac modules, documentation is provided here for administration tasks (for users and admins), setting up authentication (OATH and SAML), working with findings, integrating with APIs and parsers, installing and maintaining PlexTrac locally, and release notes.
If new to PlexTrac, it is recommended to start at the top with the Dashboard documentation and work down through the menu of this site in sequence to get an overview of functionality and orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Where can I get recommendations, strategic guidance, tips and tricks, etc. about using PlexTrac beyond the documentation on this site? Click here to reach the Service Desk and type in your question into the search box.
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    Where can I find information about what parsers PlexTrac integrates with? Click here to see our list of parser integrations.
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    Where can I submit an idea I have for making PlexTrac better? Click here to reach our Customer Ideas portal.
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    What APIs integrate with PlexTrac out-of-the-box? Click here for information on API integrations.
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    Where can I find videos about using PlexTrac? Click here to see the latest and greatest videos.
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    Where can I report a bug? Click here to report a minor bug.

More Resources

If questions exist that you cannot find answers for, try the following links below.

Service Desk

For up-to-date knowledge base articles designed to take your skills of PlexTrac to the next level, visit the PlexTrac Service Desk:

API documentation

For more information about integrating with PlexTrac's API, visit our API documentation page.

Jinja Templating

For everything needed to use and modify templates, visit our Jinja Templating page.

Customer Ideas Portal

To submit an idea making PlexTrac better, visit our Customer Ideas page.

Contact PlexTrac

Contact PlexTrac support at: [email protected]