Importing Findings

This page explains how to import a finding into PlexTrac for reports.
Findings from scanners may be imported into PlexTrac by loading a file. PlexTrac supports many scanners and that list is being updated.
To import a finding to a report created by another tool, follow the instructions below.
Step 1: Navigate to the desired report, click the report row to bring up the findings Readout view, then click the Findings tab.
Step 2: Click Add Findings.
Step 3: Select File Imports from the pulldown menu.
Step 4: Select the tool that file was created by from the pulldown menu.
Step 5: Drop the file into the box provided in the modal or browse to it on your computer.
Step 6: Click Continue. Add any Finding and Asset tags to associate with all of the findings for easier future retrieval and management.
Step 7: Click Upload. Dialog boxes will briefly appear informing you of success or failure.
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