Importing Findings from a File

PlexTrac supports importing findings from other tools, with the complete list of integrations is found in the Integrations and Mappings section.
Step 1: Within the Reports module, click the impacted report from the list to bring up the Readout tab.
Step 2: Click the Findings tab.
Step 3: Click Add Findings and select File Imports from the pulldown menu.
Step 4: Select the tool that the import file originated from within the options provided from the pulldown menu under "Select Import Source".
Step 5: Drop the file into the box provided in the modal or browse to it on your computer.
Step 6: Click Continue.
Step 7: On the second tab "Select Tags & Upload," add any desired finding and asset tags (optional). Click Upload when finished.
Dialog boxes will appear confirming the import is in progress.
If successful, the page will refresh with new findings appearing on the Findings tab for the report. If unsuccessful, an error message will appear notifying of the failure.
Notifications are also be sent to the user's inbox.
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