This section explains how to work with findings, such as creating one from scratch, adding a finding from a WriteupsDB, or importing one from outside PlexTrac.
Findings can be added to reports in multiple ways, such as migrating existing findings that were created and managed in the WriteupsDB, or importing findings that were created outside of PlexTrac.
Findings can also be created as needed within PlexTrac and added to a report.
This section and subsequent pages contains information and procedures for working with findings, starting with how to create a finding from scratch. Use the menu options on the left to directly visit a specific topic of interest.

Configuring Findings View

The table view for the Findings tab can be customized by clicking the column view icon to the right of the search bar.
Fields can be moved by dragging the bars up and down to change the sequence that they appear on the page.
The Finding Title and Actions columns must always exist, but other columns can be removed from table view. Click Save when finished.
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