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What's New?

Whether you're using a few modules or exploring the full range of our capabilities, we want to keep you informed about all the exciting innovations at PlexTrac.
While our Release Notes serve as a summary of all the changes, enhancements, and bug fixes included in a major release, this page focuses on specific functionality from the user's point of view to ensure you have all the information needed to understand how new features and improvements will impact your daily workflows and tasks.
By providing more detail and screenshots on this page, we hope to give you a deeper understanding of the benefits and functionalities of the latest additions to our platform. You'll find explanations of how these features can streamline your processes, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration.
🟣Description field is now a Rich Text Editor
Assessment users can now jazz up their questions with a personal flair. We've given you the keys to the customization kingdom with a full range of toolbar options that let you make your question descriptions as unique as you are.
🟣Code blocks now can have captions
You can easily add captions to code blocks inside a rich-text field without using a style guide.
🟣Creating writeups and findings now share the same fields and experience
We have updated the writeup creation process to improve the user experience and ensure consistency when creating findings. All essential fields, including the CVSS v3.1 calculator, CVE IDs, and CWE IDs, are now easily accessible. This enhanced writeup process establishes a uniform structure and format, improving clarity and facilitating comprehension across the platform.
🟣Configurable Layouts
Unlock the power of tailored finding creation with our versatile layouts. Admins can design layouts that match their unique needs and workflow preferences. Whether it's capturing web application vulnerabilities, network vulnerabilities, or compliance-related issues, our platform allows you to create multiple layouts for each purpose.
With these customizable layouts, you can guarantee that your teams consistently gather and document relevant information. This standardization streamlines reporting security issues, making your operations more efficient and reliable. Take control of your workflow and elevate security reporting with our adaptable layout options.

🟣Ability to create custom style guides

Get set to revolutionize reports with dynamic style guides; your key to mastering report consistency and formatting. Style guides allow more customization to transform Jinja templates into captivating Word documents, enhancing default formatting during exports while keeping rich-text fields intact.

🟣Ability to manage and track changes at the report level

You now have greater control over collaboration with the ability to manage modifications across all rich-text fields within a report. Forget about handling each field independently: You're saving time and effort with this functionality. It's all about making your teamwork smoother and more effective.
When enabled, affected rich-text fields will clearly show that track changes are active, and the option to turn off track changes for individual fields will be unavailable (grayed out).

🟣Integration with Snyk Code (SAST)

PlexTrac integrates with Snyk Code (SAST) alongside Snyk Open Source (SCA), Snyk Container, and Snyk Infrastructure as Code. We snuck in some other cool stuff, too:
  • After a Snyk file is imported in PlexTrac, the source of the scanner file is displayed in the "Source" field on the findings details page (shown below).
  • Field mappings exist for every Snyk product, so you can see how your Snyk data integrates into PlexTrac.
  • Finding deduplication logic and examples to help explain how it works are now documented and available on the Snyk documentation page.

🟣Improved parser actions experience and functionality

Parser actions play a crucial role in the effectiveness and efficiency of pentester workflows, and we've made changes to enhance this experience.
  • Refined the "default" action to align better with expectations and provide a proper pass-through option that gives the flexibility and granularity needed when configuring parser actions
  • Added a new parser action label of "Severity" to override the scanner result
  • Made it easy to set an action back to its default state
  • Updated the table in the Admin Dashboard to provide better visibility of how a plugin has been configured.
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