Using AI

AI leverages PlexTrac's algorithms to streamline finding development and authoring, reducing the time spent on manual proactive security report development while ensuring data integrity and quality.

AI features can be turned off by not enabling the license in a tenancy. It is not available for on-prem instances.

Architecture and Security

All interactions among system components, including AI, are secured through encrypted channels utilizing TLS 1.2. Within a PlexTrac instance, all AI components utilize PlexTrac’s RBA system to guarantee appropriate access controls. This ensures that client, reports, and classification requests adhere to configured access controls, maintaining security and integrity when utilizing generative components. No customer data is used to train the AI model.

For more information, view the Security FAQ.

Features of Plex AI

  • Content Generation: AI intelligently generates content specific to the finding being edited. Click the info icon within the side drawer that appears when content is generated to learn more.

  • Dynamic Content Selection: Once the AI generates content, users can replace the existing text with the newly generated content if it meets their standards. Should the initial output not suffice, content can be regenerated.

  • Historical Navigation: Users are not limited to accepting the first piece of generated content. Through simple "previous" and "next" navigation, they can browse different versions of the generated text, ensuring the selection of the most fitting content for their report.

  • Efficiency and Flexibility: The process is designed to accommodate both situations where users start with an empty field or wish to update current content, granting flexibility and efficiency in enhancing report quality.

Using AI

Areas of the platform using AI are identified with a "Use AI" button at the bottom right of a text box, such as the description and recommendations fields of a finding on the Finding Details tab or the Narrative tab of a report.

It is important to ensure that all relevant fields contain content to generate the most effective output. AI draws on values from other fields to produce high-quality output. For instance, when generating a recommendation for a finding, AI uses information from the finding name and any existing content in the recommendations field.

Creating Content

Step 1: Where available, click Use AI.

Step 2: A side drawer will open with the suggested text provided by AI. Click Insert & Replace to use the generated text and override the existing text.

Any content currently in the field, including tables or images, will be replaced.

Or click Regenerate to see a different response.

Step 3: The content is inserted into the text field. Make further edits as needed.


Although PlexTrac has taken great care to ensure the accuracy and quality of the text generated, AI systems can occasionally produce content that includes hallucinations, inaccuracies, or unreliable statements. AI-generated text cannot replace professional advice, information, or services. It is recommended that users exercise their judgment, conduct additional research, and verify any critical details before relying on or acting upon the information presented.

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