Sunsets and Deprecations

The intent of this page is to provide ample warning and timeframe for users of impacted APIs to begin the task of migrating to a new API or an alternative solution. This migration task can involve updating code, reconfiguring settings, or finding a replacement API. It is important to stay current with API changes to ensure applications continue to function properly.
Deprecation refers to the process of phasing out or discontinuing an API. This means that the API will no longer be supported by PlexTrac, even though it may still be operational. Sunsetting means that the API will be shut down and no longer available.
The endpoints are organized within the lists by PlexTrac release. A new major release (i.e., 1.XX) is approximately every two weeks. For visibility on what major release PlexTrac is currently on for all cloud-hosted instances, please refer to the Release Notes.

Sunsetting List

These are APIs that will be removed and no longer available. They are listed below under the release in which they will be removed.
Release 1.51
  • Export Client Analytics GET /api/v1/clients/analytics/export
  • List Tenant Findings GET /api/v1/flaws
  • Get Client Findings GET /api/v1/client/{clientID}/topFlaws
  • Get Multiple Clients Findings POST /api/v1/clients/topFlaws
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