PlexTrac API

The PlexTrac API enables customized access to PlexTrac for sending and receiving data. This section provides an overview of the PlexTrac API and object structures to help prepare and understand what is needed to begin using the API.
It is recommended to read through the Overview page first before visiting the list of endpoints on Postman. See Common Endpoints List for details about how the Postman collection is organized and how to find the endpoint you need.
Visit PlexTrac's Postman Collection for API endpoint documentation and examples.
This section contains the following topics:
  • Overview: Explains how the API fits into the platform, the role it plays, and recommendations on the best approach for using it.
  • Getting Started: Explains authentication and how to make calls to an endpoint.
  • Retrieving Parameter IDs: Provides a list of common parameter IDs sent with a request and instructions on how to find them within the PlexTrac platform.
  • Object Structures: Provides an explanation of how data for findings and assets are stored in the database, as well as definitions of fields and sample structure files for viewing and downloading.
  • Common Endpoints List: Provides a list of common endpoints for easy scrolling with links to the desired folder in Postman for more information.
  • Use Cases: Provides a list of API needs from getting started to advanced solutions and instructions on how to complete the task.
  • Sunsets and Deprecations: Provides a preview of APIs that will no longer be supported or available.
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