Bulk Importation from CSV
How to use the bulk import tool
PlexTrac provides a mechanism to bulk import your existing writeups from csv into the WriteupsDB.
This file has the schema for preparing your data in a csv. DO NOT USE this document as the template for your writeups, as it contains formatting incompatible with the import feature.
WriteupsDB Schema Explainer - DO NOT USE AS TEMPLATE.xlsx
Writeups Import Schema
This file is appropriate for use as a template for preparing your data:
Sample for Use as Template
Pro Tip: Add tags to your writeups before importation to ease finding them later; consider tags based on categories such as MITRE ATT&CK or OWASP techniques.
To import your csv, navigate to WriteupsDB, and select "Import Writeups"
Simply use the import modal to load your findings into the database.
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