Updates - Long Living DB

This procedure provides instructions for updating self-hosted clients who have completed the migration to the Long-Living Database, indicated by the presence of the database_update.sh script.

Database Update

Perform this procedure ONLY if directed to perform a database update in the release notes. Otherwise, skip to the Nginx and API Update section.

  1. Perform a backup of your database. NOTE the use of sudo:

sudo ./plextrac_backup_restore.sh backup

2. Pull the latest Database container:


3. Once control of the command line has been returned, tail the database logs:

docker logs -f $(docker ps -f name=plextrac_plextracdb -q)

4. Once you see the log data cease to be generated and observe this message, proceed to the next step:

/entrypoint.sh couchbase-server

Nginx and API Update Only

1. Pull the latest nginx and api containers:


2.Tail the spin-up of the API container with:

docker logs -f $(docker ps -f name=plextrac_plextracapi -q)

3. Once you see the log cease populating new data and have an entry similar to below, proceed to the next step.

API is at current version, skipping updates
checkForUpdates completed at Mon Aug 17 2020 17:24:50 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
{"level":30,"time":1597685090187,"pid":44,"hostname":"364b086f32ec","created":1597685085295,"started":1597685090184,"host":"","port":4350,"protocol":"http","id":"364b086f32ec:44:kdysg5m7","uri":"","address":"","msg":"server started","v":1}

4. Navigate to your domain in your browser and confirm functionality.