This procedure provides instructions for updating self-hosted clients who have completed the migration to the Long-Living Database, indicated by the presence of the database_update.sh script.

Database Update

Perform this procedure ONLY if directed to perform a database update in the release notes. Otherwise, skip to the Nginx and API Update section.

  1. Perform a backup of your database. NOTE the use of sudo:

sudo ./plextrac_backup_restore.sh backup

2. Pull the latest Database container:


3. Once control of the command line has been returned, tail the database logs:

docker logs -f $(docker ps -f name=plextrac_plextracdb -q)

4. Once you see the log data cease to be generated and observe this message, proceed to the next step:

/entrypoint.sh couchbase-server

Nginx and API Update Only

1. Pull the latest nginx and api containers:


2.Tail the spin-up of the API container with:

docker logs -f $(docker ps -f name=plextrac_plextracapi -q)

3. Once you see the log cease populating new data and have an entry similar to below, proceed to the next step.

2020-10-29T20:35:56.786Z info: CronJobs started

4. Navigate to your domain in your browser and confirm functionality.