Integrations and Mappings
This section lists what tools PlexTrac integrates with and provides field mappings.
PlexTrac offers multiple methods to integrate with other tools and applications so that less time is spent managing files and more time is put towards resolving security risks. Multiple methods exist for integrating with and importing data into PlexTrac, including parsers and APIs. Parsers: A parser is a tool used to import files into PlexTrac. Data parsing is the process of taking data in one format and transforming it to another format for easy ingestion into PlexTrac. PlexTrac offers the ability to parse data from over 20 tools and all parsers are available with the general PlexTrac license. Parser actions are configured at the admin level on the Admin Dashboard.
APIs: An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of procedures and communication protocols that provide access to PlexTrac. PlexTrac has several API integrations, some of which are available immediately while others require a license. APIs are configured at the admin level on the Admin Dashboard.
Configuration and setup of parsers, third-party tools, and APIs is done in the Admin Dashboard. Visit Tools & Integrations for more information.
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