Completing an Assessment

Assessments can be started immediately after creation or by opening an existing one to complete. An assessment is created with a status of "In Progress".
To save progress on an assessment without submitting, click the Save button within any of the questions.
To open an existing "In Progress" assessment, go to the Assessment module home page, (the In Progress/Completed tab), select the desired assessment, and click Edit.

Monitoring Progress

An assessment that has not been started will show no progress.
As data is entered and questions completed, the progress bar will update, and completed questions will have a checkmark in the circle next to the question within the Questions Column section.
The progress bar does not update dynamically when clicking "Mark questions as completed." To see the progress bar update, either click "Save" or navigate to the next question.
Questions that are optional for the assessment will have a circle with a dotted outline next to them, while questions that are required will have a circle with a solid outline.
Questions that have been touched but not completed are identified with a shaded purple within the circle. Questions that have not been touched retain a white background until modified.
When an assessment has all questions completed, all questions will have a checkmark and the questionnaire progress bar will be completely full and also display a green checkmark.

Completing a Question

Questions can be updated by selecting the question title in the Questions Column and to bring up more information in the Questions Details box. The question being edited is highlighted with a shaded background to denote it is the question being modified.
A question defaults to status of "Not Started." When a question receives input in any available field, it updates to "In Progress."
When the question has been answered, click the circle next to "Mark question complete," which will update its status to "Completed" and update the questionnaire progress bar after moving to the next question.
Notes and attachments can be added as required.

Submitting an Assessment

An assessment can be submitted anytime by clicking the Submit assessment button.
This action cannot be undone. Once submitted, a report will be generated with recorded responses.
If the action is attempted with questions not completed, a warning message will appear to confirm action:
If all questions have been completed and the Submit assessment button is clicked, the following message appears:
If ready, click Submit.
A report readout will appear from the Reports tab of the Clients module providing details of the assessment.
The assessment is still listed within the Assessment module with a status of "Completed."
When an assessment is submitted, all questions are turned into findings.

Assessment Findings Status

When an assessment is submitted, all questions are turned into findings, and logic exists within PlexTrac to assign a status to each finding determined by the question's answer type and answer type values.
More information on answer types and values can be found on the Creating Questions page and under General Settings of the Admin Dashboard.

Findings Status Logic

Below is the logic used for determining the value assigned to a finding status. These rules are sequential and followed until the finding status is resolved and a value assigned. In order for the business rules listed in the table to work, the answer type value, when applicable, must match the value in the table.
For example, use an answer type value of "Not Compliant" vs. "non compliant".
If multiple answer types exist for a question, only the first answer type is used for assigning status to a finding after the assessment is submitted.
Answer type value
Assigned finding status
Answer type value is Yes AND Answer type is "Yes (Pass) / No (Fail)"
Answer type value is Yes AND Answer type is NOT "Yes (Pass) / No (Fail)"
Answer type value is No AND Answer type is "Yes (Pass) / No (Fail)"
Answer type value is No AND Answer type is NOT "Yes (Pass) / No (Fail)"
Answer type is "CMMC Processes" or "CMMC Practices"
Any value
Answer type value was left blank or not answered
Answer type value is checked against list of values that are mapped (if answer type is Multiple Choice and more than one box was checked, the value of the topmost option is used)
No (Pass)
Not Started
Strongly Disagree
Yes (Fail)
Strongly Agree
Not Compliant
Extremely Effective
Not Effective
In Place
Not In Place
In Place w/CCW
Not Tested
Finding still does not have an assigned status
In Process

Assessment Reviewers

If reviewers are needed, they can be added and removed as needed.
Step 1: Within an assessment, click Add Reviewers at the top right of the page.
Step 2: Approvers are selected from the values in the pulldown menu of existing users.
Step 3: No limit exists as to how many reviewers can be added. When finished, click Save.

Approval Status

The approval status for an assessment is shown at the top right of the page when an assessment is being modified.
To edit reviewers, or see the approval status of individual users, click In review.
A modal will appear with more information. Reviewers can added or removed. A user who is also an approver will see the Approve button.
When a user clicks the Approve button, the status changes in three locations:
  1. 1.
    On the modal currently viewed.
  2. 2.
    On the assessments page when editing or viewing an assessment.
  3. 3.
    On the Assessments module home page, when viewing all assesments.
A user can revoke the approval of an assessment not submitted (status of "In Progress") by opening the assessment, clicking the Approved button at the top right of the screen, and then clicking Remove Approval from the modal. This will return the assessment approval status to "In Review."
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