Profile (Personal Settings)
The Profile or Personal Settings page provides the ability to upload a profile image, select a theme mode (light or dark), update the user password, change a user's display name, configure how dates are displayed, and set up and management of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Changing Profile Image

Step 1: From the Personal Settings page, click the avatar icon under "Profile Image" to bring up a dialog box.
Step 2: Drag the image to the new dialog box or click the open area to navigate to a file on the computer.
Step 3: Click Submit.
The new image is now shown under the "Profile Image" label in the Profile tab and next to the user name at the top right of the platform.

Deleting Profile Image

Step 1: From the Personal Settings page, click the current image under "Profile Image" to bring up a dialog box.
Step 2: Click Delete Profile Image and the modal will disappear and PlexTrac will revert back to the default grey avatar icon.

Theme Mode

Theme Mode allows PlexTrac to be displayed in Light or Dark Mode. Switch to the desired mode by toggling the button to the desired setting.

Date Format

The date format can be configured to display in one of three options: YYYY-MM-DD, DD-MM-YYYY, or MM-DD-YYYY.

Managing User Name

The name displayed for a user throughout PlexTrac is managed here. Update the values in the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields as desired, then click Update settings.
The new name will appear in the profile section at the upper right of the page next to the profile image, and an email will be sent to the email address on record to confirm change.

Managing Passwords

The user password can be change on the "Change Password" tab in the Personal Settings.
Any password must meet all requirements, which are presented by clicking the "?" icon next to "Enter New Password" and listed below:
  • minimum of 12 characters
  • one lowercase character
  • one uppercase character
  • one number
  • one special character

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

PlexTrac offers the ability to enable two-factor authentication at the account level and is managed on the Two-Factor Authentication tab. MFA adds more factors of authentication and therefore eliminates security threats associated with low security of passwords.
Do not click the Activate button until ready to scan the QR code in an Authentication app. If the code is not scanned at this time, the user account will get locked and require and administrator or PlexTrac account manager to reset Two-Factor Authentication.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

Step 1: Click the Two-Factor Authentication tab in Personal Settings.
Step 2: Click the Activate button.
Step 3: Scan the QR code and input token.
While PlexTrac explicitly references Google Authenticator, other authentication apps will work as well.

Resetting Two-Factor Authentication

Step 1: Go to the "Two-Factor Authentication" tab in Personal Settings and click View Details.
Step 2: A modal will appear. Click the Reset token button.
Step 3: A confirmation modal appears. Click Reset.
Step 4: Scan QR code and click Confirm.
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