This page explains how to integrate with ServiceNow.
PlexTrac offers an integration with ServiceNow to allow red and blue teams to collaborate with other stakeholders in the organization without the need to switch between workflow tools.
Only one ServiceNow integration can exist per PlexTrac instance.
To set up an integration with ServiceNow, follow the steps below:
Step 1: From the Admin Dashboard, click Integrations under "Tools & Integrations".
Step 2: Click the ServiceNow box.
Step 3: Click Configure ServiceNow Integration.
For information on setting up oAuth or generating an API key within ServiceNow, click the provided links above the button.
Step 4: Select the preferred integration authentication method.
Step 5: Enter the information into the provided boxes and click Test Connection.
A message will appear to confirm if the connection was successful or not.
Step 6: View the available modules that list which fields have read and write access. Click Confirm.
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