Snyk is an open-source security scanner application that detects vulnerabilities to directly import into PlexTrac via API to be used in a PlexTrac report.
This is a licensed feature. Contact your Account Manager to add this integration to your PlexTrac instance.

Integrating with Snyk

Step 1: From the Admin Dashboard, click Integrations under "Tools & Integrations".
Step 2: Click the Snyk box.
Step 3: Click New Connection.
Step 4: On the Configuration Details tab, enter a name for the integration and the Snyk API key. Click Continue.
Visit Snyk Support for information on generating an API key.
Step 5: On the Mapping tab, review the mappings and select the fields in Snyk to import into PlexTrac by validating that the checkbox next to the field is selected. To ignore a field on import, uncheck the box. Required fields (checkbox is greyed out) cannot be configured. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
Step 6: A message will display on the First Synch tab confirming if the synch was successful. If successful, click Got It.
The connection is now listed.

Editing Existing Connections

Connections are edited by clicking Edit under the "Actions" column.
Connections can be disabled by clicking the toggle bar under the "Enabled" column.
Connections can be manually synchronized by clicking Sync under the "Actions" column.
Connections can be deleted by clicking the three dots under the "Actions" column and then clicking Delete. A modal will appear asking for confirmation of action.
Once set up, findings can be imported into a report and instructions on this process can be found here.
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