Cron Jobs For Backups

The attached procedure will guide you through creation of cron job that will create a local full backup of your database contents.

Use the attached procedure guide to create a cron job to perform a local full backup of your database.

This procedure performs two functions:

  1. All Couchbase records are backed up into a timestamped folder in the /opt/plextrac/backups/ directory.

  2. All uploaded documents (scanner exports, templates, images, etc) are backed up into the /opt/plextrac/uploads folder

We highly encourage you to institute a local process for pushing the backed-up data off the local server. After performing a backup, the command

tar -zvcf $(hostname)_$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")_backup.tar.gz backups/ uploads/

will create a tarball of ALL full backups in the /opt/plextrac/backups folder. Before running this command, you may desire to delete older full backups from the backups/ folder.