Creating Roles
To begin controlling permissions on your platform, you'll need to define your Custom Roles. To create a custom role, navigate to Account Admin -> Security -> Role Base Access

1. Click Create Role

2. Fill Out the Required Fields
Templates as Baseline: You can choose a baseline of permissions enable for this role with the drop-down. Role Name: This is the logical name for this Role Enabled: Can dynamically restrict/give access for all users assigned to this role Description: A brief descript is required on the permissions of this Role Users Assigned: This is the list of Users that are assigned to this role. You can add users by searching for them using the Search Box on the right. You'll see a list of users below the Search Box.
All users MUST be assigned to a role AT ALL TIMES. You'll receive an error if you attempt to disable a Role that is a users ONLY Role assigned.

3. Select Permissions

You can click the individual controls, selecting them as enabled for this Role. Clicking the control again greys them out and disables that permission for this Role.

4. Save the Role

Ensure once you've selected the appropriate permissions, to save the Role! Roles can be edited and deleted as needed


For User and Permission management, we recommend creating a Role without permissions that you can assign unused or intermittent access Users to.
For security, the Principle of Least Privilege is recommended when assessing your Role permissions. We also suggest periodic User and Role Audits for an accurate User Access posture.
Last modified 7mo ago
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