Client Permissions
This section is dedicated to helping you understand Client-specific permissions.
Permissions are broken into two categories and need to be assigned separately:
  1. 1.
    Platform-wide Permissions
  2. 2.
    Client-specific Permissions
Client-specific Permissions are granted at the CLIENT level!

Client-specific Permissions

These are the permissions specific to use, access, modification, and so forth for Clients, Reports, and Findings.
These permissions are specific to Clients and are assigned on a Client level via the Client -> User Access section of the Client Details (for more details, see Add User to Client).
The Role assigned to a user at the Client level sets the Client, Report, and Finding permissions for that Client, its Reports, and each Report's Findings.
These Client-specific permission are different from the Platform-wide Permissions. The below picture details most of these controls:

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