Next Steps
Explore more of the capabilities PlexTrac offers blue teams.
This quick start guide covered the essential capabilities of PlexTrac that blue teams need to get started. PlexTrac offers additional capabilities blue teams may find helpful to achieve success.

Import Findings from Scanners

PlexTrac allows blue teams to generate reports of findings based on assessment results. Additionally, PlexTrac allows blue teams to import findings from common vulnerability scanners, including: Nessus, Nexpose, Qualys, and many more.
Learn how to import findings from scanners: here.

Integrate with Jira Cloud

PlexTrac understands blue teams collaborate with a broader organization that uses other task management and workflow tools, especially Jira. PlexTrac makes it easy to integrate with Jira cloud in order to automatically create Jira tasks for findings and synchronize comments from those tasks back into PlexTrac for a seamless collaboration experience.
Learn how to integrate with Jira Cloud in PlexTrac: here.
Last modified 2yr ago