Create Assessment
Follow these steps to create a new assessment in PlexTrac.
PlexTrac makes it easy to create assessment questionnaires. Assessment questionnaires may be used for a variety of cases, including: vendor risk management, internal/external audit, SOC2 certification, and many more.
The benefit of managing assessment questionnaires in PlexTrac is the ability to utilize PlexTrac's Reports and Analytics modules to track and report on the status of the assessment findings.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Assessments" view and click "Manage Questionnaires"

Step 2: Click the "New Questionnaire" button

Step 3: Create a Title for the new questionnaire and choose a Reference Framework. Then click "Create Questionnaire" to save

Note: you can choose

Step 4: You will then be dropped into your new questionnaire and can start adding questions. Fill out the form with your question details and once complete click "Create"

To add additional questions click the "Add Question" button on the left and follow the same process
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