If you are operating in a PlexTrac-hosted tenancy (either private or multi-tenant), updates occur automatically when available. The instructions here only apply to self-hosted customers.

Login to the server hosting your PlexTrac instance using an account that has been provisioned into the "docker" group. To display group memberships for the current user:

$ groups

If you do not see "docker" listed, run the following command:

$ sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Update Procedure

1) Navigate to the folder containing the plextrac_run.sh script, normally /opt/plextrac.

2) Backup your existing database using the plextrac_backup_restore.sh script with the "backup" modifier :

$ sudo ./plextrac_backup_restore.sh backup

3) Fetch and install the latest containers by running the plextrac_run.sh script:

$ ./plextrac_run.sh

4) Wait two minutes to ensure that the database has fully initialized.

5) Restore your backed-up database using the plextrac_backup_restore.sh script using the "restore" modifier:

$ ./plextrac_backup_restore.sh restore

6) Use a browser to navigate to your newly-updated instance.