If you are operating in a PlexTrac-hosted tenancy (either private or multi-tenant), updates occur automatically when available. The instructions here only apply to self-hosted customers.

Login to the server hosting your PlexTrac instance using an account that has been provisioned into the "docker" group. To display group memberships for the current user:

$ groups

If you do not see "docker" listed, run the following command:

$ sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Update Procedure

1) Navigate to the folder containing the plextrac_run.sh script, normally /opt/plextrac.

2) Backup your existing database using the plextrac_backup_restore.sh script with the "backup" modifier :

$ sudo ./plextrac_backup_restore.sh backup

Note: This backup is purely cautionary in the unlikely event that any issues occur during your update.

3) Fetch and install the latest containers by running the plextrac_run.sh script:

$ ./plextrac_run.sh

4) Wait ten minutes to ensure that the database has fully initialized. If you navigate to your PlexTrac instance and cannot log in, the database may not have fully initialized.

If you experience any issues after an update, please contact PlexTrac support to assist in troubleshooting.