Managing Runbooks
This page explains how to create, edit, or import a runbook, as well as how to start an engagement with a client.

Creating a New Runbook

Step 1: From the Manage page in the Runbooks module, click New Runbook.
Step 2: A modal will appear. Select the methodology from the pulldown menu, then enter a title value for the runbook. Click Create.
Step 3: Select the content that should exist in the runbook by visiting the different tabs of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and selecting the desired content. Click Save and Continue.
A message will briefly appear confirming the runbook was created.
Step 5: Enter a title, clients, tags, and description for the Engagement.
Step 6: Click Begin New Engagement.
A message will briefly appear confirming success.
Step 5: Begin managing the procedures for the engagement.
Visit the next page Managing Engagements for more information on next steps.

Editing a Runbook

Typically, the available procedures to choose from is limited to the tactic and techniques chosen for that runbook. However, you procedures can be added to the runbook by toggling the Show all Procedures slider under the Procedures tab from the Manage page.

Importing a Runbook

Runbooks can be imported into PlexTrac if the file is one of following:
  • PlexTrac YAML file: a previously exported runbook now imported back into PlexTrac
  • SCYTHE Community Threat: a JSON file from the GitHub repository
  • MITRE Adversary Emulation Plan: a YAML file from the GitHub repository
Step 1: From the Manage page of the Runbooks module, click Import Runbook.
Step 2: From the modal, select the file import type and drag file to the provided box or click the box to navigate to the file on the computer.
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