Add Report Template

Report Templates are not necessary to begin a report in PlexTrac, but they perform two very useful functions:

  1. They allow you to pre-populate your report with pre-filled sections of a report, such as Introduction, Methodology, Threat Model, etc.

  2. They allow you to link a custom export template, so that your final .docx is exported into a document that is branded for your business in a manner that suits your reporting methodology

You can choose one or both of these options when creating your Report Template; you do not have to do both. Additionally, you can change the custom sections or the export template at any time - even after you have completed writing your report.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Account Admin" selection under the gear icon

Step 2: Click the "Templates" tab

Step 3: Select the "Report Templates" tab and click the "New Template" button

Step 4: Provide your template with a logical name. You can also use the drop down to select the Custom Export Template (if desired). Note: You must first upload a Custom Export Template - see the section on Custom Word Templates for details.

Step 5: Click the "Add Custom Section" button to add sections to the template

Step 6: Click the "Save" button to save the template