Add Findings Template

Follow these steps to add a new findings template to PlexTrac.

In addition to supporting custom fields in individual findings, PlexTrac supports custom findings templates that allow custom fields to be defined for all findings in a report.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Account Admin" selection under the gear icon

Step 2: Click the "Templates" tab

Step 3: Select the "Findings Template" tab

Step 4: Click the "New Findings Template" button

Step 5: Click the "Add Fields" button to add fields to the template

Input a Key, which is the value that PlexTrac will use to reference this field. NOTE: The "-" character is not allowed as part of the Key name.

Input a Label, which PlexTrac will display as the "Title" of the field from within the platform, and which can be referenced for use in custom template exports.

Step 6: Click "Save" to save the findings template