Add FieldsTemplate
Follow these steps to add a new findings template to PlexTrac.
In addition to supporting custom fields in individual findings, PlexTrac supports custom findings templates that allow custom fields to be defined for all findings in a report.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Account Admin" section by clicking on your user profile in the top right

Step 2: Click the "Templates" tab

Step 3: Select the "Findings Template" tab

Step 4: Click the "New Findings Template" button

Step 5: Click the "Add Fields" button to add fields to the template.

Input a Key, which is the value that PlexTrac will use to reference this field. NOTE: The "-" character is not allowed as part of the Key name.

Input a Label, which PlexTrac will display as the "Title" of the field from within the platform, and which can be referenced for use in custom template exports.
Click "Save" to save your fields template

Last modified 1yr ago
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