3rd Party SAML Authentication

NOTE: At this time we do NOT support IDP initiated integration. This is on our roadmap but hasn't been implemented yet. Please use SP Initiated Authentication in the meantime.

Plextrac allows the use of any SAML Identity Provider for logging into the application. Multiple providers can be configured for each tenant, and managed on a per user basis. For example, one user could log in with Google, and another with Okta. This method of authentication is only valid for the UI, not for authenticating with the api directly.

Environment Requirements:

Requires the following environment variables be set in your plextrac docker compose file:

  • PROVIDER_CODE_KEY - some secure signing key - set by default in latest version

  • CLIENT_DOMAIN_NAME - the domain name you are hosting on, ie. app.plextrac.com (don’t include http(s)

Important Notes

  • Users need to already have an account with Plextrac before they can be authorized to use an alternative sign on method. There is currently no way to register a user directly through the 3rd party provider.

  • The users' email in Plextrac needs to be the same as the email the user will authenticate with through the 3rd party.

  • 3rd party authentication cannot be used for direct api access/authentication