Tenable IO

This page explains the process for integrating with Tenable IO.
Powered by Nessus technology, Tenable IO is a suite of cloud vulnerability management products, including a scanner, which can directly import findings into PlexTrac via API.
This is a licensed feature. Contact your Account Manager to add these integrations to your PlexTrac instance.

Integration Process

The Tenable integration is a micro service executed via a report findings import that involves the following process:
  • PlexTrac's backend makes a request to the customer's Tenable IO instance
  • PlexTrac's pulls the requested data
  • PlexTrac transforms the data into a format that can be imported into the report
  • PlexTrac imports the data into an existing report
Once the data has been imported, the user is alerted via the notification bell within PlexTrac. A notification is also sent if an import failure occurs.

Integrating Tenable IO

A Tenable IO API Access and Secret key that has Administrator [64] permissions will need to be generated before beginning this process. Visit Tenable's Generate API Keys page for more information.
Step 1: From the Admin Dashboard, click Integrations under "Tools & Integrations".
Step 2: Click the Tenable IO box.
Step 3: If the tenant is licensed, the option to configure will appear. Click Configure Tenable IO Integration.
Step 4: Enter the Access Key and Secret Key. Unless hosting a PlexTrac instance, leave the Tenable Domain field blank. Click Save.
Step 5: A Sync Now button and integration details information appears on the page. Click Sync Now.
If the keys are correct no error message will appear and a confirmation message will confirm successful synchronization.
Once integrated, findings can be imported using the Add Findings button on the Findings tab of a report.
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