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This is a repository for samples of full export templates and snippets that can be used in your own custom export template. We continue to add new content, so check back often!

Default PlexTrac Custom Export Template

This template includes summary tables, which are not included in a standard .docx export. It's relatively straightforward and does not rely upon any custom Findings or Report template fields. We strongly recommend that if building your own template, you start with this document. This will ensure that you have the styles required for a successful export.
plextrac_default_CAO_18 Nov_2020.docx

Summary of Findings Tables

This template produces several versions of a "Summary of Findings" table. This type of table is often presented in the Executive Summary section of a report, or at the beginning of the section of the report in which the full findings details are enumerated.
Findings Summary Table Export Template Examples v1.0.docx
Sample Output - Findings Summary Table Export Examples v1-0.docx

Sort Findings By Category Tag

This macro (function) takes the string for a tag used to identify the category for a finding. For example, findings that are part of the Access Control category may have the tag "access_control." It will display only those findings which have the associated tag. Thus, it can be used to easily display findings of like category in a section together in the exported report.
The required styles section may be removed; it is provided in the event this code is copied into a new document. If so, it may be removed in any new documents after the first save.
Sort Findings By Category Tag Macro

CMMC v1.02

This template is designed to work with the built-in CMMC v1.02 assessment that is delivered with PlexTrac. It relies upon the tags that are pre-populated into this assessment. Compliance is mapped to the finding status:
  • Open: Non-Compliant
  • In Process: Partially Compliant
  • Closed: Fully Compliant
Template for CMMC v1.02 Assessment

Calculate Impact and Exploitability Scores using CVSS3 Vector String

This template works backwards, reverse-calculating the sub-scores for Impact and Exploitability from the CVSSv3 vector string, which is the text representation of the values used in calculating the CVSS base score.
CVSS3 Impact and Exploitability Calculations
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